Looking for enjoyable habit changes based on science?

Looking for novel approaches in this VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)?

Looking for fun and developmental team engagement activities?

You can not be put in a box because you ARE the box that contains many treasures. If you look at the pictures below, which one do you yourself feel most attracted to?

The ThoughtArt concept offers various 'boxes' with content that is offered as a taster, workshop, introductory course and/or individual program. You can combine as many boxes as you would like because there is often not just one way to achieve what you want. In addition to an introduction to the method, you also get some suggestions for new pleasurable habits that can be easily integrated into your daily work without costing more time. The more often you do short micro-activities, the faster you and/or your team integrate new learning and experiences.

Discover an integrated approach to facilitate growth and well-being. We thrive and perform at our best when we are driven by an inner motivation based on our values. Our interest increases when we experience mastery, meaning, good relationships, commitment, flow, and at the same time retaining our composure in challenging or demanding situations.

ICF COACHING  & Mentorcoaching ACC level

How would you like to have a neutral conversation partner who can be a friend, a magician, a "fighter" and a wise person? Someone who motivates and inspires you? Sometimes you need 15 minutes, sometimes a longer program.

An ICF certified coach has a thorough training at a coaching school approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). ICF is the world's foremost and largest organization for professional coaches, and represents and supports professionalism and quality with an international standard for coaching. Read more about ICF at

Each person is unique and has unique needs. Each conversation is a creative process that is different from any other. An ICF coach is based on you as a resourceful person, and inspires you to move from where you are now to your desired place. The form of conversation stimulates you to further develop inner driving forces that you use to achieve the results you want. The questions come as much as possible from the advice-free zone so that you can find meaningful answers yourself.

Coaches applying to renew their ACC credential are required to complete an additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. I can offer you (some of) those hours.


Points of You® offers innovative tools and training for professional and personal development. The tools use the language of images, the most powerful language in the world today that inspires and evokes thoughts. Points of You allows you to think outside the box and examine themes from a new perspective. It leads to awareness and an action plan to change automatic patterns that we have followed in our daily lives.

Explore topics in a playful and fun way. Points of You connects themes, associative photos and words in a fantastic way. It activates the whole brain, both logical-analytical thinking and creative-intuitive reactions. When you use it in a team context, you get an enthusiastic response from the group, and it increases the willingness to share insights and think solution-oriented.

Photo-based Coaching expands your thinking to see more value-based opportunities. We use our own images or different tools from Points of You that give unexpected but precise results. This sharpens your observation and perception and thus also increases commitment and presence in addition to the ability to focus.

Maria is a Certified Points of You facilitator.


Learn the universal language of 24 VIA character strengths that unite us because we all have them available. Character strengths are the backbone of positive psychology, the science of how we thrive best in life with its ups and downs. They are universal positive qualities that say something about who we are and what values we stand for. And about how we think, feel and act, and this is exactly where we need a shift if we want to change something, or achieve something.

Awareness around, and development of character strengths has shown to have a positive effect on our commitment, our well-being, our achievements and our relationships.

Exploration of your top character strengths. Book a session where we explore the top strenghts on your Strengths Profile.

The 8 week Mindfulness-Based Character Strengths program (MBSP)

The core of Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) is self-insight and self-discovery. It combines two powerful and popular approaches used in schools, clinics, universities, companies around the world: strength focus and mindfulness training. MBSP teaches you the basics of character strengths and attention, and offers advanced, practical ways to integrate these two. It provides an unique angle to live your best life, rediscover (job) satisfaction, achieve goals, find deeper meaning and commitment to life, and cope with everyday life and changes.

In 8 sessions of 1,5 hours you explore your character strenghts mindfully around every day life and work, relationships, authenticity and more. 

Maria er MBSP practitioner & leader, educated at VIA Institute on Character


Do you want to stimulate your creativity in the expanded sense: "to find easier solutions, go beyond the comfort zone, to increase observation and focus, strengthen self-confidence by seeing that you can do what you never thought you could, have a creative approach to 'mistakes', and respond confidently to the unexpected"?

Experience inner calm and flow with the Zentangle Method of drawing repetitive patterns, called 'tangles'.

Or would you like a fun team activity? In a tailor-made team workshop, a mosaic is made of all the different interpretations of a tangle, which has a positive effect on the team spirit. Trust your creativity.

Maria is a Certified Zentangle Teacher


I am Maria C. Hofman,

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