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ICF coaching

Conversations that give new perspectives

What would it have been like to have a neutral conversation partner who could be a friend, a magician, a "fighter" and a wise person? Someone who motivates and inspires you?

What is ICF coaching?

An ICF certified coach has a thorough training at a coaching school approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). ICF is the world's foremost and largest organization for professional coaches, and represents and supports professionalism and quality with an international standard for coaching. Read more about ICF at coachingfederation.org.

Each person is unique and has unique needs. Each conversation is a creative process that is different from any other. An ICF coach is based on you as a resourceful person, and inspires you to move from where you are now to your desired place. The form of conversation stimulates you to further develop inner driving forces that you use to achieve the results you want. The questions come as much as possible from the advice-free zone so that you can find meaningful answers yourself. Sometimes you need 15 minutes, sometimes a longer program.

Mentor coaching for ACC renewal

Coaches applying for renewal of their ACC credential are required to complete an additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. I can offer you (some of) those hours.

ICF / Erickson coaching

  • is professional, future-oriented, uplifting and solution-oriented
  • is based on a positive view of human beings
  • has a basis in, among other things, positive psychology and neuroscience
  • Erickson is one of the world's most widely used coaching schools, and The Art & Science of Coaching (TASC) is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • follows the ICF's ethical guidelines
  • Erickson coaches are well trained in online coaching which is considered as effective as meeting physically and you also save travel time.

The process

Changes do not usually come overnight. Although one conversation can be liberating in a stuck situation, most people choose coaching over time. Tankeflyt offers flexible solutions in the form of individual sessions and coaching programs that can be combined with a strengths focus and/or attention training if desired. In a free and non-binding introductory session, we will find the best approach for you.

Examples of what you can achieve through a collaboration with a coach

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased productivity
  • Bring out your potential
  • Be aware of your limitations and inner strengths
  • Balance between work and private life
  • Effective communication








Price per hour

Corporate / leader coaching NOK 1600 (approx. 160 euro)

Private coaching NOK 1200 (approx. 120 euro)

Discounts for programs / packages