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Points of You

Points of You® offers innovative tools and training for professional and personal development. The tools use the language of images, the most powerful language in the world today that inspires and evokes thoughts. Points of You allows you to think outside the box and examine themes from a new perspective. It leads to awareness and an action plan to change automatic patterns that we have followed in our daily lives.


Explore topics in a playful and fun way. Points of You connects themes, associative photos and words in a fantastic way. It activates the whole brain, both logical-analytical thinking and creative-intuitive reactions. When you use it in a team context, you get an enthusiastic response from the group, and it increases the willingness to share insights and think solution-oriented.


Photo-based Coaching expands your thinking to see more value-based opportunities. We use our own images or different tools from Points of You that give unexpected but precise results. This sharpens your observation and perception and thus also increases commitment and presence in addition to the ability to focus.

Maria C. Hofman is a Certified Points of You facilitator.