TankeFlyt - ThoughtFlow

NeuroGraphica coaching / reflection

Draw the results you want with full attention to your thoughts, feelings and bodily reactions with the NeuroGraphica® method. You literally colour the world more beautiful (which is the mission of Tankeflyt).


NeuroGraphica is non-figurative which means it is not supposed to represent anything in particular. You yourself give content and meaning to the elements of your drawing. We draw with full attention to what each line, shape or colour does to your thoughts, feelings and body and pay attention to what that means for your objectives. We easily get into flow when things start to unravel during the process. Results come by themselves, afterwards, or by contemplating the drawing along the way. We draw and colour until we really like what we see and the starting point (a theme, a goal, a vague plan, worries, subconscious beliefs) has undergone a positive change.

When you use the NeuroGraphica method to create drawings, you always get something beautiful to look at while your unconscious mind continues to work 'on the matter'.


Explore topics in a playful and graphical way. I am a certified NeuroGraphica specialist and hold themed workshops where we use this drawing method. I also use the method in 'creative reflection' which is 1:1 conversations with a coaching approach where you draw around a theme of your choice.

Maria C. Hofman is a Certified NeuroGraphica specialist and Certified NeuroDesign structuring specialist