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A practical approach for development, well-being and flourishing


The core of Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) is self-insight and self-discovery. It combines two powerful and popular approaches used in schools, clinics, universities, companies around the world: strength focus and awareness training. MBSP teaches you the basics of character strengths and awareness, and offers advanced, practical ways to integrate these two. It provides a unique angle to live your best life, rediscover (work) joy, achieve goals, find deeper meaning and commitment to life, and cope with everyday life and change in a good way.

Strengths awareness and developing your 24 universal strengths from the VIA classification is an easy and effective way to learn more about yourself and others. Research shows that knowing and using our unique personal strength profile increases our well-being and can have a positive effect on relationships, careers, personal growth, and quality of life. You exploit your potential and are better equipped to deal with change and challenges.

Awareness training is a proven method that increases awareness, focus, inner peace, and quality in everything you do. It reduces useless stress in private and work life. You are more present in what you do and achieve more.

Strengths awareness in the workplace

In organizations that have worked with strength awareness,

it turns out to increase:

• Employee engagement

• Job satisfaction

• Wellbeing

• Productivity

• Effective goal achievement

An additional advantage is that less sick leave has been reported, which is positive in light of the increasing numbers of employees who are on sick leave due to stress or burnout.

Source: Strengths At Work

Klikk her for å lese en studie om 'Using strengths and thriving at work: The role of colleague strengths recognition and organizational context'.

Strength awareness in education

The VIA classification provides a cross-culturally relevant framework for educating the heart - a common language for students, teachers and all of us to understand and evoke what is best in ourselves and others.

The VIA classification of character strengths provides a good basis for understanding who we are - in good and bad times - and what it means to thrive. While the VIA lens is believed to promote greater understanding of oneself and others, it can also improve learning across disciplines. For example, attention to character strengths can enrich one's understanding of literature, history, art, and scientific research and discoveries.

Kilde: Through the lens of strength: A framework for educating the heart


  • Strengthen your awareness
  • Be mindful of your strengths
  • Reduce stress og increase your ability to cope with small and large challenges
  • Learn simple recognized and proven techniques that give immediate effect


Free 1 hour micro course MBSP

Group programs

Strength-based tools support all other work that promotes engagement, positive relationships, performance.

Ask for personal adapted programs and price.

Strengths awareness for leaders (individual)

6 weeks



15000 Norwegian kroner (ca 1500 euro)


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Content of the 8 weeks / sessions MBSP program:

1 Awareness and auto-pilot

Discover how often you go on auto-pilot; everything starts with mindfulness.

2 Your signature strengths

Identify what is best in you; this can unleash resources to engage more in work and relations, and achieve your personal potential. Become mindful of your strengths and learn to recognize strengths in others.

3 Challenges and possibilities

How we can overcome obstacles with mindfulness and awareness of strengths, and how they can be paths to valuable results.

4 Increased mindfulness in daily life

Awareness training helps us to take care of and fuel the best, personal qualities in us self and others; thoughtful use of strengths in different situations helps us with being more aware.

5 Appreciate your relationships

How we relate to ourselves is an important part of our self-development. It has an immediate impact on our relationships with others.

6 The Golden Mean

When we are aware, we can focus on problems directly, and with character strengths we can reformulate and find different perspectives that are not immediately visible.

7 Authenticity and goodness

It takes strength of character (for example, courage) to be a more authentic "you", and it takes strength of character (for example, hope) to create a strong future that benefits both yourself and others.

8 Your engagement with life

Stick to practices that have worked well and be aware of the tendency of the mind to return to automatic habits that are based on shortcomings, are unproductive, or that focus on what is wrong in you and others. Prioritize an approach that promotes awareness of what is strongest in you and others.

Emphasis is placed on strengths awareness and mindfulness training that are discussed and practiced every session and that make you get to know your personal strengths, and train your awareness muscle. MBSP is about gaining greater awareness of what is, as well as exploring what is possible for you. You will experience how your attention and your strengths have a positive impact on each other. Bringing them together in a harmonious way benefits managers, employees, students, organizations, customers and suppliers.

Facilitator is Maria C. Hofman, ICF certified coach with a specialization in positive psychology, especially VIA strengths. Maria is a MBSP practitioner & leader, trained at the VIA Institute on Character, and is a Mindfulness instructor (based on MBSR), trained at the Scandinavian Center for Awareness Training.