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for (self-)leadership

Together we can colour the world more beautiful

Looking for enjoyable habit changes based on science?

Looking for novel approaches in this VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)?

Looking for fun and developmental team engagement activities?

ThoughtFlow offers pathways to your flow with well-being and energy.

Do you want to do more of what you do best and actually enjoy doing, and less of what causes stress in your private or professional life? At a time when demands and changes are queuing up, and when we are "connected" to the world around us almost 24 hours a day, many people find themselves overwhelmed from time to time.

To make both our inner world and the world around us a more beautiful place and face everyday life in a balanced way, recent research shows promising results by building on what already works well. There is great potential in your and/or your team's strengths. Awareness of value-based character strengths contributes to the feeling "It's good to be me - It's good to be us", which is as important on the way to what you want to achieve as when the final goal is reached. It also makes it easier to make a consciously considered choice if the road takes an unexpected turn.